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You decide how your furniture is closed!

We offer you numerous solutions: traditional shutter systems or innovative glass shutter systems, modern sliding door systems, glass holding systems for doors and much more. With pleasant sound absorbing or with dust sealing profiles – always just the way you want. And you can rest assured: All systems combine quality, comfort and convenience – we will vouch for that with our name.
Furniture Front Systems
Glass-Holding Door Systems
Glass Profiles
Glass Holding Profiles
Glass Holding Profiles for Aluminium Frames
Sealing and Sound Absorbing Systems
Door Buffers
Profile Ledges/Dust Sealing Profiles
Sliding Door Fittings
Systems for Sliding Doors Running on the Inside
Sliding Door System for Outside Running Doors
Rail Systems and Accessories
Roller shutter systems
Preassembled shutterbox
N-drive type S with winding snail
N-drive type W with spooling mechanism
N-drive type R with barrel arbor
Furniture roller shutter rear runner (for industrial processing as installation set or finished corpus)
N-drive design
N-drive design c
N-drive glass
Vehicle construction
CARCELL cabin roller shutter
CARCELLplus wet cabin roller shutter
Individual roller shutter for truck/caravan interior

Shutter 15,5/20/25/50mm profile width
Guidingsystems 8mm - 12 mm
Guiding profiles
Guiding snails
Handle strips
Lock strips
Fascia strips
Glass shutter systems
Holders for Facings
Plug-in Handles and Profile Handles